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Nepal Interiors - Interior Designer Company in Nepal

Nepal Interiors is the leading company with a long and consolidated experience behind it in the sector. Alongside a selected catalog of modular furniture and home furnishings, We the Best Interior Designers in Nepal offer our customers design and furniture consultancy for new buildings and renovations. Our service is aimed at private homes, offices, and studio/home apartments for professionals. Our Interior Designers Services in Nepal is based on the optimization of spaces, on the proposal of intelligent and versatile solutions to create a pleasant, functional environment and satisfy the needs of customers.


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What do we offer?

Service Areas

Interior decoration and architecture for individuals- We bring you all our creativity and our expertise in interior architecture to create an atypical, tailor-made, and quality space for you who like audacity and design. Surrounded by a network of qualified partners, Architects Interior Designers in Nepal accompanies you on the entire project, from its conception to its realization.
At the forefront of the latest trends, very creative, we are constantly looking for new products and designers to create differentiating spaces with a soul. We design tailor-made layouts to precisely meet your needs and uses.
Interior decoration and architecture for professionals- Hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, coworking spaces, Nepal Interiors is a decoration, interior, and commercial architecture agency that creates bold and stylish spaces! From design to completion, Nepal Interiors manages your entire project.
We Interior Designers in Nepal make you benefit from our expertise in interior design and design atypical and functional spaces, adapted to your needs and your uses, according to your values and positioning, and which have a soul! We like to create spaces that arouse emotion and well-being where your customers/collaborators will enjoy meeting to live a unique experience.

Why choose Nepal Interiors?

Style and Elegance

We are a team of professionals who, in addition to professionalism, put their passion into creating unique and exclusive furnishings. We take care of every detail and offer you a "turnkey" dream. We are among the best Interior Designers Company in Nepal.

360-degree assistance

If you are renovating an apartment or for a new office, our Interior Decorator Service in Nepal will support you in all phases of the process, from the preliminary phase to the executive phase.

Efficient Designing services

Having worked for years in the sector, Commercial Interior Designer in Nepal has developed a network of contacts with plumbers, painters, and artisans that he will put at your service. All this inevitably translates into a saving of time and money since you can count on collaborations that have already been tested and guaranteed.

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In order to move forward on your project, set an appointment with Residential Interior Designer in Nepal online to discuss your needs, take stock of the work, and start discussing some lines of thought.


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Efficient Designers

Our interior designers always deliver you such patterns that completely suit the modern luxurious lifestyle. On exploring more, they upgrade the walls than earlier.

Prioritising Customer Value

Our prices and designs together empower us to look into the customer's needs and their concerns regarding interior designing.

Broaden Approach

With a precise knowledge and determination, we offer the best interior architecture design in Nepal and transform your home into a broad and artistic place.

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